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Features1: Adjustable fence and depth stop, slitter and spurs, 18 to 23 interchangeable cutters, depending on vintage. Cutters were provided in one fitted wooden box with lid.

  • The beading gauge, the long depth stop-like piece with a 'rabbet' milled in it, is used to bead matched boards.
  • The oldest models have their arms threaded into the main stock, whereas those produced after ca.
  • One other thing I dislike about combination planes is that they are heavy, much more so than the wooden planes.

Later sets were supplied in datlng fitted ddating. Construction1: Cast iron, stanley 45 plane dating handles and fence Finish1: Japanning from ; nickel plated in and later. User Info1: Plow, dado, rabbet, fillister, match and sash work and heading of all types. A fantastic plane to use and one that every serious woodworker should own.

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Sharpen the beading and sash cutters on the flat surface only to maintain profile of cutter. Read the sranley manual and practice using this plane until you master the functions, and start learn more here on softwood before going to hardwood.

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Molding, grooving and dado planes, including plow, dado, beading, etc. The slitting cutter and depth stop are attached to the plane in a milled area located at the right rear of the plane, just forward of the handle earlier models attach the slitting cutter over the extra long rear arm. If you want to cut a bead, or anything else for that matter, way adting the middle of a wide board, the distance between the fence and the main stock is rather great. A mechanical screw regulated the cutter adjustment wheel provision beginning in and later.

Woodworkers generally prefer the No 45 models manufactured after as they have all of the patent improvements. With regard to value, stanley 45 plane dating a this web page plane with all its parts is a most important consideration along with vintage and condition. See the list of parts in the Type Study. According to Stanley Stanley 45 plane dating. Look forward to a new publication on the No.

Stanley offered many optional items for the No. These included a special set of 23 cutters including beads and reeds, etc. Prices quoted for these items include the stanley 45 plane dating. Stanley added a nosing tool in The extra bottoms were japanned from to and nickel plated from to Stanley further improved the basic plane by adding a cam stop in The first type had a thumbscrew for attaching it datijg the rods and had a tendency to break.

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Later versions had a stronger solid piece of iron attached with read article slotted screw. Other patent improvements are listed in the No 45 Type Study. Stanley gradually increased the number of cutters supplied with this plane. A mechanical screw regulated the cutter adjustment wheel provision beginning in and later.

Other parts originally supplied were an integral, and a screw regulating depth stop provided on the front right hand side of the main frame. A slitter and a rear depth stop were provided on the right rear side of the main frame. These are often missing.

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Two depth stops were provided for the auxiliary sliding section. One is short, the other, sometimes called the heading gauge, is longer. On later fating this is of two-piece construction. Sometimes one or both of these stops are stanley 45 plane dating. Finally plae sets sranley arms, long and short. Stanley included an instruction booklet as well. A complete No 45 includes two sets of arms click the following article and shortheading stop, cam rest, depth stop, and instruction book; please see the Type Study for complete parts article source. Earlier types have a japanned finish.

An issue of Stanley's "Tool Talks" published in the 's, titled "It's syanley Manage asian dating sight in texas topic Job Assembling and Packing the No 45 Plane," reported that approximately 1, separate casting, machining and assembly operations were required to made each No 45 and that a total of stanpey were used. Regarding packaging, Stanley sold the earlier types in a pasteboard box.

Stanley 45 plane dating

In the 's they stanley 45 plane dating a chestnut box and around the 'teens, used a tin box with a sliding lid. During the 's, the pasteboard box was used again. In the 's, Stanley used a hinged tin box and in the 40's it was back to pasteboard for the third time.

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Also a softwood hinged stanley 45 plane dating painted yellow box is known during the s, then after that, it was back to the pasteboard 4th time until when the company discontinued manufacture of the No More info see the Type Study for more information on Stanley's combination planes.

Manufactured c. See the listing for the A45 at the end of this article source. Sources: stankey.

Walter, John. Wood, Jack P. Contains reprints of the and Stanley Works Tool Catalogs. Smith, Roger K.


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