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Wendell The citizens of Lewis county felt a lively interest in the progress of events, which led to the fall of Here, but did not organize for action. The Federal Capital is in danger. On the same date April 22Horace R. Lahe, of Lowville, issued a call for volunteers by hand bill, dating lewis county ny his efforts resulted in the formation of the company subsequently lesis as Company I, Fourteenth New York volunteers.

Captain Lahe went out and returned as the Captain read article this company. At about this time, Mr.

Dating lewis county ny

Link, Copenhagen, succeeded in forming the company afterwards company B, Thirty-fifth New York volunteers. Spirited meetings were held in Copenhagen, to promote this enterprise, which interested the towns of Denmark, Pinckney and Harrisburg.

The first of just click for source meetings at Copenhagen was datiing on the evening of April 26th, at the Baptist Church, and was very enthusiastic. Thirty-five volunteers had, at its close, enrolled their names in Captain Dating lewis county ny company, including those who had previously enlisted, and liberal subscriptions were pledged.

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The dating lewis meeting was held pursuant to notice on the 27th of April, and was well attended. Article source Knox, Esq. After short addresses made by several citizens, the following resolutions were adopted : Resolved, It is the sense of this meeting that the Federal Government should be sustained and defended as the common household of every American.

Resolved, It is the duty of the Government to keep open every communication to the National Capital at every cost, except the surrender of the Government itself. Resolved, That the business of this meeting be carried out by two committees.

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A general committee of datinv dating lewis county ny, from Lowville, Martins-burg, Turin, Watson, New Bremen, Greig, West Turin dating lewis county ny Ley-den, to solicit subscriptions and funds ; 1st, to click here the expenses of volunteers, between enrollment and mustering; 2d, to pay the expenses to muster into the service of this State or the United States; 3d, to relieve the families of such volunteers during the term of their enlistment.

An Executive committee of six, to secure such funds and click such subscriptions pro rata, and to pay out the same. The executive committee appointed at this meeting, consisted of Dewit C. West, Elaida S. Cadwell and James H. At a subsequent meeting of this committee, Mr.

Leonard, treasurer, and Diodate Pease, secretary. They continued their existence through the first county of the war, and about forty percent, dating lewis the subscriptions were called in click to see more paid over to families, or otherwise spent in the recruiting service. Village and neighborhood meetings were held throughout the county, at which liberty poles were raised, and subscriptions taken for the encouragement of volunteers and the relief of families.

At a period dating from about the 29th of April, the Hon.

I am searching for info. Thatnk sof any help. Under this effort subsequent local meetings were held, and considerable sums raised. Angle, Copenhagen, succeeded in forming the company afterwards company B, Thirty-fifth New York volunteers. What do you suggest for my next avenue of research??

Henry E. Turner, then County Judge, announced his intention of raising a company of Flying Artillery, of one hundred men. This measure was abandoned, but with his aid, Mr. Charles E. Mink, engineer on the steamer "L. Lyon" began enlistments which resulted in part, in the formation of company H, First N. Turner became Lieutenant-Colonel. Colonel Guilford D. Bailey, of this regiment, who fell read article Fair Oaks, was a native of Lewis county, which doubtless gave prestige to this effort.

While remaining in dating lewis county ny county, such of the volunteers as had left home were liberally supported by the citizens. In June, a company roll was opened by Philip W. To promote this enterprise, a public meeting was held on the 22d of June, at dating lewis county ny Town Hall in Lowville, and a committee was appointed, consisting of F. Hough, S.

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Sylvester, C. Riggs, Edwin Woolworth and Thomas Baker, representing the town of Lowville and all south on the central tier of towns, who were authorized to call future meetings to promote enlistments, and raise means for supporting families. This meeting was addressed dating lewis county ny the more info Caleb Lyon, of Lyons-dale, Rev. Ball, Rev. Taft, Prof.

Dating lewis county ny

Bennett, Rev. Ferris, Rev. Lockwood and others, and committees were appointed in the southern towns by raise subscriptions for Mr. Smith's company. Under this effort subsequent local meetings were held, and considerable sums raised. The Rev. Jerome B. It dating lewis county ny company E, Fifty-ninth N. Newton Hall, of Leyden, began in June to enlist men for a cavalry company, and succeeded in forming what was afterwards known as company G.

Third N.

2018 Snirt Run draws crowds to Lewis County, NY

His men were chiefly from the towns of Leyden and Greig. F, Fourteenth N. Hough acted as President, and the oration by the Rev. Armstrong was widely published in pamphlet form.

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Orations by J. Hamilton and Cyrus W. Pratt, delivered the, same day in Greig, dating lewis county ny source published. With the exception of the companies raised by Captains Angle and Lahe, none had left the county at the date of the first battle of Bull Run.


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