Boss dating employee retirement


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Boss dating employee retirement

Some exceptions exist for airline pilots, federal law enforcement officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers, and bona fide executives or high policy makers. So can you ask employees about retirement and if so how? If we boss dating employee retirement ask the question and all of a sudden dating married man asking all of our employees over 55 when they plan to retire could at the very least cause a morale problem.

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Nonetheless, there is nothing inherently wrong with asking any employee about their future plans, and companies need to know that information for many reasons. The fear of being accused of or sued because of age discrimination sometimes makes employers hesitant to ask about retirement.

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If they are not receptive or do not have a date in mind, be sensitive and follow-up in an appropriate way at a later time. Through a policy that says if you are planning to retire, please give us as much notice as possible so that we can discuss options for training someone to fill the position as well as options for phased retirement if that is something emplyoee Company would consider. Through voluntary early retirement incentive plans that offer a severance to employees who meet a minimum age and number of years of service with a company and elect to take the package.

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Whatever the case, employers should always be prepared for employees leaving, whether through retirement or leaving for another job. Was thanked: 1 time s in 1 post s toymeister Man, you just brought back memories, boss dating employee retirement happened over thirty years ago. These hindrances may not dissuade you. Before running off to report this Cupid coupling presumably to HR or a senior managerask yourself these four important questions. Old-Timers comment.

This web page should be carefully more info keeping in mind the needs of the business and compliance concerns. They are generally used when a reduction in force is required and in lieu of an involuntary RIF. An employment law attorney should be consulted in drawing up such agreements.

Start subtly. Otherwise I would not be eligible. Dating them is just one.

But what about when you have a great employee you hate to lose but you sense retirement may be in the cards? In this case, ideally the person having this conversation with the employee has a good relationship with them and ideally that would be the manager.

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The idea of retiring is stressful for many employees so we want to be delicate. The annual review is a good time to venture into this territory particularly when discussing plans for the next year. You are asking merely for planning purposes. You just want to open the door. Whatever the boss dating employee retirement, employers should always be prepared for employees leaving, whether through retirement or leaving for another job.

Workforce planning should be an on-going strategy, documenting processes, cross-training where applicable, and maintaining succession plans. Absent a contract, employment is at-will either the employee or the company can end employment at any time.

Be prepared whatever the reason. Let CAI know if we can help with your workforce management and planning.



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